The Inspiration Class held in Bantaeng today

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Bantaeng,BP – Some professionals will share inspiration with elementary school students (SD) in the District of South Sulawesi Bantaeng, Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Social activity titled Inspiration Class is also simultaneously in a number of areas in the province. The inspiration is going to provide inspiration mainly from the areas of the profession that they do.

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Schools involved in Bantaeng already held a rehearsal. Similarly, the volunteers reported the Twitter account @ KI_Bantaeng has been in town Bantaeng. Included in Pinrang, Pangkep, Gowa, Takalar, Maros, Makassar and Palopo.

“Welcome to the all inspirator who had reach the area  @ KI_SulSel ,” wrote an account Inspiration Class Bantaeng on Twitter. According to the official website of KI, Inspiration Class is a movement class professionals down to the elementary school (SD) during the day, share stories and work experience also motivated to achieve the goals. The story will be the seed for the students to dream and foster the ideals themselves indefinitely.

The purpose of this inspiration, there are two classes, namely a platform for schools and students to learn from professionals, and that professionals, especially the middle class more broadly, can learn about the reality and the facts about the state of our education. “Let’s teach children, that we can be here as the fruit of perseverance, hard work and integrity,” wrote the account @ KelasInspirasi.

Source: Bantaeng Post

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