The Learning Spirit of Children in Parang village

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BANTAENG,BP – This is education potrait in Bantaeng regency that required to be paid attention by local government. far class of SDN Parang, pa’bentengan village erengmerasa district was very concerning. Education tools in this village which the children studied were very difficult to find.

School that has for about 30 students, divided into class 1 untill class VI. It has 3 classes only. Without walls at the back of class. It has ex-roof only at right side and the left side. one of student, Salahuddin, a few days ago said to the reporter that, the situations happend for a long time ago. Now, this is more better then a few times ago.

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“Alhmdulillah…this is more better then a few times ago. it has roof for walls, after before it has plastic to be walls only,”said the teacher of class I. This class built because many students have been stoped their school. The classic reason just because of economic factor and the school location was far from their home. “By saw this situation, we were agree to built this far class. and we were got good respon from the government. so that, it could minimilized the children who stoped their study,”He said.

The condition like that, was not barrier for children in this village. They are study hard and dilligent to get knowledge. When the reporter came to there, they looks happy and have a great spirit in the learning process.  (source: Bantaeng Post)

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